Rep. Ralph Norman Pulled His Gun Out At A Diner To Prove They’re Not Dangerous

Rep. Ralph Norman Pulled His Gun Out At A Diner To Prove They're Not Dangerous

AP/REX/Shutterstock A Republican U.S. representative from South Carolina pulled a gun out while speaking to constituents last week, drawing outcry from those he was meeting with, many of them gun control advocates. The New York Times reported that Rep. Ralph Norman pulled out a gun upon seeing a group from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America who were wearing red t-shirts. Norman has not apologized, but instead doubled down on his right to have a gun and take it out — something others in attendance question. According to Norman’s own Facebook statement on the matter, after entering into a discussion about the country’s gun laws, the representative took out his firearm. "I safely placed my gun on the table, pointed away from people, and made the point: ‘Guns don’t shoot people. People use guns to shoot people. I am tired of blame being placed on the police, […]

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