Repeal of pistol permit law heads to Gov’s desk

Repeal of pistol permit law heads to Gov's desk

Video Playback Not Supported This is a modal window. This video is not supported on your platform. If you are using IE 10 or lower please consider using IE 11, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Raleigh, N.C. — State Senate lawmakers voted Wednesday to repeal the state’s pistol purchase permit requirement. Current state law requires people who want to buy a handgun to get a permit from their county sheriff’s office. The sheriff performs a background check on the applicant. Gun rights supporters have advocated for the repeal for years , saying it’s duplicative because there’s now a national background check system, NICS. Sen. Chuck Edwards said the additional permit requirement infringes on gun owners’ rights. “It’s been brought to my attention that purchase permits are used to obstruct gun purchases by sheriffs who just simply do not want to allow citizens their Second Amendment rights,” said Edwards, R-Henderson. “This, it’s become obvious to me, is tired law that’s ready to go away.” However, NICS is only required for federally licensed gun dealers. Many people buy guns online, from individuals, or at a gun show, purchases which don’t require a federal background check. Sen. Natasha Marcus said the pistol permit is “the only background check” in those cases, and eliminating it would create a huge and dangerous loophole. “It would suddenly become completely legal for anyone to purchase a handgun, without any background check required, so long as they buy it from an individual or at a gun show, or […]

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