Republicans renew push to drop Indiana’s handgun permit law

Republicans are making a new push to loosen Indiana’s requirements for carrying a handgun in public despite the opposition of several major law enforcement organizations. The proposal endorsed by an Indiana House committee would repeal the state’s handgun permit requirement, allowing anyone age 18 or older to carry a handgun except for reasons such as having a felony conviction, facing a restraining order from a court or having a dangerous mental illness. Supporters argue that the permit requirement undermines Second Amendment protections by forcing law-abiding citizens to undergo police background checks and often wait weeks until the process is completed. A similar bill passed the Republican-dominated House last year but it was not acted upon in the Senate, where GOP leaders pointed to opposition from the Indiana State Police, the state police chiefs association and the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police. Those organizations continue to argue that the current permit system provides a screening tool for identifying dangerous people who shouldn’t have a gun and make that information quickly accessible to police officers. “Should this bill pass, there will be no means for our officers to know if a person is legally carrying a handgun,” said Flannelly, representing the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police. The chairwoman of the state Senate committee that blocked the repeal effort last year is co-sponsoring a bill similar to the House proposal for this year’s session. No committee action has yet been set for the Senate bill , and neither Senate Judiciary Committee […]

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