Resolution to make Pueblo a 'Second Amendment Sanctuary' dies

Resolution to make Pueblo a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ dies

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WATCH Resolution to make Pueblo a… PUEBLO, Colo. – A resolution to make Pueblo a “Second Amendment Sanctuary" died in the city council meeting Monday night. The resolution was put forward in response to the red flag bill moving through the Colorado General Assembly right now. The resolution was up before council for less than one minute Monday night, but it didn’t have the required two members to support it to debate the resolution. Only Councilman Mark Aliff wanted a discussion on it, so no public comment and no vote was had. “I felt that the issue needed to be debated, I think the people both for and against needed to be heard that way we could make a good decision,” Aliff said. Those in support of House Bill 1177, better known as the Red Flag Bill, were relieved. “There haven’t been any safeguards, look at every day there are mass shootings and suicide rates and if someone is suicidal their changes of committing suicide with a gun are astronomical,” Rita Marquez with Moms Demand Action said. But those hoping to testify in support of the resolution left frustrated. Not only by the lack of public comment, but the way the bill is written as well. If passed, it would allow law enforcement to take someone’s guns away who are considered a risk to themselves or others by the court. “It’s just, it’s too much, it goes too far, and our constitutional rights are sacrosanct and they don’t get […]

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