Responding on gun debate: Real hunters use rifles — Henri de Marne

I feel the need to answer the Op Ed by Ethan Duncan that appeared in the Shelburne News on March 22. It is disheartening to read such a mistaken dialogue. Ethan Duncan makes dogmatic statement that are contrary to facts. I don’t know of anyone or read anything that says that there is a public outcry to “ban” guns. Nothing can be further from the truth. The outcry is to ban military-style “killing weapons” with large magazines, guns that do not belong in the hands of untrained civilians. A case in point is the poster I just saw posted on Facebook of a hunter stating that he has hunted for 60 years, been a republican for 50 years and never shot 17 deer at once, followed by “BAN assault weapons.” Real hunters use rifles, not AR-15s and do not fear their banning. Neither do I as a veteran of […]

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