Rhode Island: One Last Push to Fight Gun Control Bills

The Rhode Island Legislature is looking to wrap up its 2018 legislative session as early as the end of this week. It is typical for lawmakers to suspend the rules in the waning days of session, and this becomes an especially dangerous time for gun owners when anti-gun bills can be quickly called to the floor for a vote. Make no mistake, anti-gun groups and Bloomberg activists are working the halls trying to get more gun control this session. They are aggressively pushing several bills which increase the purchase age for rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21. They are also advocating for legislation to make schools complete "gun free zones" by abolishing concealed carry despite zero evidence that current Rhode Island state law isn’t working. And remember, once the rules are suspended every introduced piece of legislation becomes a threat, including semi-auto bans and magazine capacity restrictions. NRA-ILA, along with the Second Amendment Coalition, our official NRA state association, is calling on all gun owners to make one more trip to the Statehouse to join in solidarity with other gun owners and gun groups. A strong presence is desperately needed to show legislators that Rhode Island gun owners are still paying attention, and we will vigorously oppose any additional infringements. Please plan to visit the Statehouse on Wednesday, June 20 at 3:30 p.m. to rally with other gun owners. Nothing is expected of you except your presence, and we suggest you wear yellow as we’ve done in the […]

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