Ron Worley: Bollier supports gun rights and advocates for safety

‘Tis the season for negative advertising and false attacks. But Kansans should be shocked and outraged by the misleading campaign Congressman Roger Marshall is running against Dr. Barbara Bollier. Independent observers here in Kansas have called Marshall’s campaign ads “deceptive,” “manipulative” and “absurd.” His campaign is literally splicing together video of his opponent and taking video clips completely out of context. And now, Donald Trump Jr. is trying to convince us that Barbara is something that she’s not. The truth is: Barbara has spent her entire adult life trying to improve the lives of Kansans. I worked closely with her for years in the Kansas Legislature. Together we fought to expand affordable healthcare, fully fund our schools, balance the budget and keep taxes low for families. There is not a more caring, compassionate, and hardworking public servant than Barbara. We may not agree on everything, but I know Barbara supports our Second Amendment rights. She grew up hunting with her dad, just like I did. We were taught the importance of gun safety. She’s a gun owner and understands the importance of the Second Amendment and the hunting culture in our state. As a longtime Republican, this is an important issue to me, my friends and family members. I know Barbara doesn’t support banning or confiscating guns. That’s just ridiculous. Her support of basic gun safety doesn’t cause me to waver in my support of her campaign one bit. I also respect that Barbara approaches this issue as a […]

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