Roseau County becomes Second Amendment ‘sanctuary’

Roseau County becomes Second Amendment 'sanctuary'

Ibro Palic, Flickr Roseau County has declared itself a Second Amendment “sanctuary county,” joining hundreds of jurisdiction across the country. The Roseau County Board of Commissioners voted on a resolution giving the county the designation Tuesday, which per a press release from the New House Republicans Caucus (NHRC) "will allow the county to refuse to send officers" to enforce gun laws it deems unconstitutional. “… the Roseau County Board Commissioners wishes to express its deep commitment to the rights of all citizens of Roseau County to keep and bear arms…” the resolution read. It pledges "to oppose … any efforts in the future to unconstitutionally restrict such rights, and to use such legal means at its disposal to protect the rights of the citizens of Roseau County to keep and bear arms, including through legal action." Second Amendment Sanctuary cities and counties have popped up across the country. In January, Republican state lawmakers including House Minority Leader Kurt Doubt penned a letter to the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners asking it to take up sanctuary status. The letter cites the more than 400 sanctuary counties and towns already in existence. Status as a Second Amendment sanctuary city or county establishes that local leaders will oppose new and existing gun control legislation, even though counties and cities may have little control over laws passed at a state and national level. Among the laws the NHRC says Roseau County could choose not to enforce as a result of its resolution include […]

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