Roseau County designated Minnesota’s first ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary County’

Roseau County designated Minnesota's first 'Second Amendment Sanctuary County'

Shutterstock image ROSEAU, Minn. — Roseau County commissioners passed a resolution Tuesday, Feb. 11, designating the county a “Second Amendment Dedicated County,” more commonly known as a Second Amendment “sanctuary county.” They join more than 400 sanctuary communities nationwide to adopt such resolutions and are the first county in Minnesota to do so. The resolution, passed unanimously to applause from the dozen residents in attendance, reads that the board “wishes to express opposition to any law in the future, beyond existing laws to date, that would unconstitutionally restrict the rights of the citizens of Roseau County to keep and bear arms.” The motion goes on to resolve that “public funds of the county not be used to restrict the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of Roseau County, or to aid federal or state agencies in the restriction of said rights.” Roseau County Sheriff Steve Gust said the resolution won’t change local law enforcement’s operations, since one of the resolution’s main intents is to oppose “red flag” gun laws, which allow courts to temporarily remove guns from people who are found to be a risk to themselves or others. Red flag laws have been proposed in Minnesota but not passed. A template resolution, circulated by members of the New House Republican Caucus over the past few months as they encourage grassroots organization in support of the Second Amendment, specified that a sanctuary designation means that counties can refuse to send law enforcement officers or other county employees to enforce […]

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