Ross County Commissioners will not take action on Second Amendment sanctuary declaration

CHILLICOTHE — While the community is divided on a proposal that seeks to declare the county a Second Amendment sanctuary , the Ross County Commissioners are united. It is not within their duties to make laws, but to uphold them. On Monday, the commission said that they would not be taking any action on a proposed resolution that constitutional rights activists hope will declare the region a sanctuary for gun owners. It’s the second time that the legislation has failed to move forward. "Not much has changed since the last consideration," said Commissioner Doug Corcoran. "We took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Ohio. I don’t feel like this resolution is necessary, I think it oversteps. It assumes we have the ability to declare laws unconstitutional — we do not." Operating under the executive branch of government, the commissioners are in agreement that their duties are to uphold laws that have already been reviewed by the legislative and judicial branches. Therefore, they will not be taking any action on the sanctuary declaration. Although the board is in support of the Second Amendment, the commissioners are not lawmakers and they have a responsibility to abide by the law and state statute, according to Commissioner Dwight Garrett. Furthermore, even if the proposal was passed, the state has the authority to overrule it. The Scioto Valley Constitutional Coalition hoped to send a message to state leaders that they will protect and defend their constitutional […]

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