Rubio Brands Demings ‘Pelosi Puppet’ After Anti-Gun Remarks

Rubio Brands Demings 'Pelosi Puppet' After Anti-Gun Remarks

After speaking against the Second Amendment in Miami, FL, US Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) is now being accused of being a leftist “Pelosi puppet,” by her senatorial campaign opponent, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) . In remembrance of the Sandy Hook shooting, Rep. Val Demings made an appearance on the 9 year anniversary of the tragic event, where she promised to, “crack down” on gun violence. However, this rhetoric does not sit well with incumbent Senator Rubio. Rubio took to Twitter to parallel his opponent’s voting record with her promise to disarm Americans. In particular, calling out her vote in the US House to cut $100 million from ICE and voting against the deportation of illegal alien gang members: Pelosi puppet Val Demings voted to cut $100 million from ICE & against deporting illegal alien gang members But then comes to Miami yesterday to say we must crack down on the #2A rights of law abiding citizens Big leftist $ behind her — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) December 14, 2021 Senator Rubio thinks this rhetoric indicates that Representative Demings is simply a “Pelosi puppet,” and she is being incentivized by “Big leftist $ behind her.” Although this looks to be Rubio’s toughest re-election race yet, the Senator has long predicted incidents like these, insisting that, “that voters will get to know the Real Val Demings,” arguing that she “is too radical for Florida.” Rubio even stated over a month ago that Demings, ” supports illegal immigrants voting in our elections” along […]

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