Ruger’s Precision Rifle Has Shattered The Myth About Long-Range Accuracy

Ruger's Precision Rifle Has Shattered The Myth About Long-Range Accuracy

Here’s What You Need To Remember: With a list price of $1,599 and street prices considerably lower than that, the RPR is an economical way to get into the precision rifle hobby. The rifle’s low cost makes it an attractive rifle not only for first-time long-distance shooters but also a compelling choice for those already in the hobby. In the precision shooting world, quality and affordability rarely go hand in hand. The pursuit of accuracy means precision rifles can often cost in the thousands of dollars. One of America’s most prolific gun makers with a reputation for both quality and affordability has released a rifle that manages to combine both, shattering the entry cost for the precision rifle world. Traditionally, the bar to becoming a quality, long-range precision shooter has been a high one. In order to shoot at exceptionally long ranges of 700 yards or more, an enthusiast has typically needed a relatively expensive, high-quality rifle. Companies such as Accuracy International made purpose-built precision rifles (also manufactured for military sniper use) or highly trained gunsmiths would take an unexceptional rifle, such as the Remington 700, and extensively customize it. The cost of such a rifle could easily range into the thousands of dollars—and that’s not even counting the cost of the scope. In 2015, Sturm Ruger shook the precision rifle world with the introduction of the Ruger Precision Rifle . Founded shortly after World War II by William Ruger and Alexander McCormick, Ruger has concentrated on producing quality […]

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