Rural America is mad about proposed gun laws. So they’re creating ‘gun sanctuaries.’

Rural America is mad about proposed gun laws. So they're creating 'gun sanctuaries.'

A new push for gun control in Springfield, Illinois’ capitol, had David Campbell feeling angry and powerless. “It’s time to take stand,” he told himself. Campbell, a small print shop owner who is a member of the Effingham County Board in rural southern Illinois, was upset that Chicago-area lawmakers 200 miles away were seeking statewide curbs on gun buying. He felt the proposed measures, including raising the age and lengthening the waiting periods for purchasing certain semi-automatic weapons, disregarded the proud tradition of firearm use outside the city and its suburbs. So he did the only thing he could: He wrote a resolution. Cribbing from a similar measure another rural county had recently passed, Campbell’s motion called the Illinois General Assembly’s pending gun-control proposals unconstitutional and demanded that state lawmakers abandon them. Campbell ran the draft by the local prosecutor, Bryan Kibler, who wryly suggested adding language that labeled their county a gun “sanctuary” where county employees would be prohibited from enforcing unconstitutional gun laws. The word was a nod to language used by left-leaning cities like Chicago that refused to comply with the federal government’s request for help detaining undocumented immigrants. This was a way to thumb their noses at all of that. “Heck, yeah,” Campbell told Kibler. Related On April 16, the Effingham board adopted the resolution. Local news media picked it up, then conservative news sites and gun blogs. Campbell and Kibler appeared on “Fox and Friends .” Before long, counties across southern Illinois began passing […]

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