S.C. House puts open carry gun bill ahead of domestic terrorism, other issues

Protecting or expanding our unique American liberties – freedom of speech, religion, gun ownership rights – should be on the minds of legislators considering new or revised laws along with protecting public health and safety. Chief Mark Keel of the State Law Enforcement Division put these concerns in perspective in addressing a proposed expansion of gun rights. The S.C. House measure (H. 3094) “would allow trained concealed weapons permit holders to carry those guns in the open,” he said in an article by Maayan Schechter and John Monk of The State newspaper. “I’m a Second Amendment guy. Nobody believes any stronger than I do in the right to bear arms,” Keel said. In South Carolina and other Second Amendment Central places, it is necessary to establish one’s bona fide on rights. The Sun News Editorial Board is there, make no mistake. SAFETY CONCERNS Keel has “great concerns” about public safety: “I wonder how it will be in the summer time when people are strolling down Ocean Boulevard on peak weekends wearing guns openly, not to mention people openly carrying during Harley Week or Memorial Week and crowded country music festivals where there’s alcohol involved.” Open carry is a potential disaster for Grand Strand tourism. The timing, in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, is terrible. The primary House sponsor, Rep. Bobby Cox of Greenville, works for a gun company. Open carry is problematic beyond public safety concerns. The House Republican Caucus has placed priority on legislation like H. […]

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