S.C. ‘isn’t the Wild West,’ and there’s no practical reason for an open carry gun law

Open carry I own guns, enjoy target shooting, and taught my wife how to shoot. I’m one of those gun owners who believes that it’s better to have a gun in my home and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. But I sincerely hope that I’ll never have a reason to point a gun at anyone, let alone use it. To me, it’s just common sense that anyone who wants to carry a concealed firearm in public should have to get a permit, certifying that they have been trained in gun safety. A car isn’t a weapon, but you have to be licensed to drive one. It’s a matter of public safety. There is no practical reason to allow “open carry,” with or without a permit. It doesn’t make anybody safer, and is just a way for proud gun owners to strut their stuff in public, or to feel superior to unarmed people. South Carolina is not the Wild West, and we don’t need gun-toting civilians in order to keep the peace. Jeff Koob, Columbia Water contamination 2020 was rough for everybody, and I think we’re all a little giddy to be heading into warm spring days with a little less worry. What concerns me, though, is that other serious health issues have had to take the back burner. PFAS, or toxic “forever chemicals” that have been used in everything from non-stick pans to waterproof clothing, have been found in unusually high levels […]

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