“Sanctuary counties” take stand on Second Amendment

"Sanctuary counties" take stand on Second Amendment

Barry Niedfeldt supports Hall County’s efforts to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County (NTV News) GRAND ISLAND, Neb — A growing number of Nebraska counties declare themselves "Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties." As Pres. Joe Biden looks at new restrictions on firearms local leaders say they’re taking a stand. Today Buffalo, Hall, Merrick, and Nance Counties are voting for resolutions in favor of gun rights. Lincoln County commissioners considered a resolution on Monday in North Platte. Hall County Commissioner Scott Sorensen said, "We voted in favor of upholding the U.S. Constitution and Nebraska constitution that’s what it comes down to and supporting law enforcement. I don’t see anything good from the current administration trying to abolish the Second Amendment." County supervisors in Nance County had to move their meeting Tuesday to accommodate a larger crowd. Supervisors voted unanimously for the resolution. The Merrick County board also passed a similar non-biding resolution. The group Nebraskans Against Gun Violence says Pres. Biden is right to take action to try to reduce gun violence. They support executive orders and legislation known as "red flag laws". Sorensen said by his county more than 30 Nebraska counties have taken similar action. Barry Niedfeldt of Grand Island spoke in favor of the resolution. "I haven’t met a gun owner yet that’s going to willingly give up their guns and it could get ugly," he said. Sorensen said he does not expect it to get to that point but said he felt it was important to take […]

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