Santa Clara County bans gun shows at fairgrounds

Gun shows, fixtures for generations of hunters and sportsmen looking to check out the latest in firearms, have been effectively banned at the Santa County Clara County fairgrounds. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has unanimously approved an ordinance that bans the possession and sale of firearms on county property. The ordinance proposed by Supervisor Ken Yeager and approved Tuesday exempts the county-operated Field Sports Park shooting range, as well as peace officers, on-duty members of the military, and authorized concealed carry weapon permit holders. “Gun violence and gun-related injuries and deaths are critical public health concerns,” Yeager said. “This ordinance sends a clear message that the county will not allow its properties or resources to be used in the proliferation of this critical public health hazard.” Final approval of the ordinance is expected at the board’s June 5th meeting. The ordinance does not prevent lawful gun owners from possessing or using firearms on private property or from buying guns at licensed vendors throughout the county, Yeager said. Yeager argued the ordinance will minimize the risk of gun-related injuries for employees and visitors, and is consistent with the county’s mission to promote public health and safety. Alameda, Los Angeles, and San Mateo counties have adopted similar ordinances that have been upheld by the courts, he said. 1999 photograph: The Great Western Gun Show in Pomona, Calif., before it was ousted by a local ordinance. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill) Gun shows have been a target of criticism because federal […]

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