Santa Fe Students’ Tweets Demand Real Change That Could Inspire Another Gun Control Movement

Santa Fe Students' Tweets Demand Real Change That Could Inspire Another Gun Control Movement

Following a devastating high school shooting in Texas, Santa Fe students’ tweets are demanding changes to gun laws — and calling out those who have suggested that changes aren’t needed. Some of the students’ tweets echo the student-led advocacy after the Parkland shooting . And it’s entirely possible that, in addition to bolstering the Parkland students’ movement, they could spark a gun control movement of their own. As ABC News reported, many of the students’ tweets were directed at conservative politicians and media figures. For example, in a tweet from November 2017, conservative media personality Tomi Lahren wrote, "If you think it’s wise to lecture Texans on gun laws , I’m guessing you haven’t spent much time in Texas." Santa Fe Student Bree Butler responded to this tweet on May 20, writing, "Hey tonya, 10 of my classmates died yesterday and 10 others were injured. i would LOVE to lecture any texan on gun laws." Other students took President Trump to task on social media. As ABC News reported, Brooklynn Butler, Bree’s sister, condemned the president for focusing on the Russia investigation and not taking action on gun control, writing: Have you considered putting your “witch hunt” on hold for a few days? 10 people were killed in a shooting that took place in the country you are in charge of and you haven’t mentioned anything about them except for the fact that they’re in your prayers. please take action. Ten students and teachers were killed at Santa Fe […]

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