Say ‘yes’ to gun control laws

Say 'yes' to gun control laws

Editor, Townsman: Mass shootings have been happening so often that now you can read an article about the latest one and forget about it seconds later. Killing has become a part of our culture, and some people want to protect that and rights that were thought up in the Second Amendment before cars existed, even when America’s homicide rate is 25 times higher than other high-income countries. So many people have died and yet we still allow mass murders and homicides to happen in our country. One solution that many people are talking about is mental health. It is true that some of the people who commit homicide have been diagnosed with mental disorders. But it’s not the case for the majority of them. Only 1 percent of people who committed homicides have been found innocent because of their insanity, and only 22 percent of mass murderers suffer from serious mental illnesses. The better solution comes from legislation. Stricter gun laws and background checks would help prevent more serious crimes before they happen. It has been found that generally, counties in states with weaker gun laws had lower homicide rates when surrounded by counties with stricter gun laws. If rigid gun laws are implemented, it will not only positively affect the counties in which they are implemented, but the counties surrounding them as well. Voting for these new laws will help many people. America still has a long way to go before gun violence will be completely, or even […]

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