Scott Pruit is OUT, Trump Hires Roger Ailes’ Fixer, and ‘Top Gun 2’ Chooses Its Goose, Jr.

Scott Pruit is OUT, Trump Hires Roger Ailes' Fixer, and 'Top Gun 2' Chooses Its Goose, Jr.

Tom Hardy — whose hair is growing back — looks better here with Charlotte Riley than he has in a long while. ( Lainey ) Courtney is writing all over the place these days. Her latest — “There’s a Special Place in Hell for Women Who Gut Abortion Rights” — takes on potential SCOTUS nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. ( HuffPo ) How can Halsey and G-Easy be the “breakup of the year” on the same day that budget Tom and Rita announced their divorce, and when I don’t even know who G-Easy is? ( Celebitchy ) Your worst fear about who would be cast as Goose’s son in Top Gun 2 has come to its inevitable realization. (Header photo specifically designed to make you Philly fans feel bad about yourselves.) ( Dlisted ) I really dug this Vince Mancini piece on attending a Keep Families Together march in Downtown LA. ( Uproxx ) Not only has Guy Pearce accused Kevin Spacey of being “handsy” during the L.A. Confidenial shoot, but Spacey now faces three more sexual assault allegations in London, bringing his total there to six. ( Jezebel ) A Subway employee called the cops on a black family of 5 because they kept going to the restroom. ( The Root ) Elsewhere, the principal of a Rochester school refused to let the first black Valedictorian from that school deliver a speech. This one, however, has a happy ending, because the Mayor of Rochester let Jaisaan Lovet deliver his […]

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