Second Amendment advocate calls Oklahoma City Zoo's gun policy 'illegal'

Second Amendment advocate calls Oklahoma City Zoo’s gun policy ‘illegal’

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Second Amendment Association President Don Spencer said the Oklahoma City Zoo is taking away citizens’ right to carry guns with its current policy. Body camera video shows him at the zoo sitting down to eat a burger when officials approach him. "We do have a policy that you can’t carry a weapon on zoo grounds, so you’d have to return it to your vehicle or leave the grounds," the official can be heard saying. "The policy is illegal. It’s out of compliance with state law," Spencer responded. Spencer refused to leave, so Oklahoma City Zoo officials decided to ban him from the zoo for life. He believes zoo officials went too far. "We’ve seen it’s necessary for people to protect themselves," Spencer said. "Just look at Louie’s. Whoever thought that on the lake you would need to defend yourself? But the police officers were minutes away when you had seconds to defend yourself." Spencer voiced his opposition to the zoo’s policy during its trust meeting Wednesday afternoon. Zoo officials argue that because the zoo is a business, it has the right to ban guns. "The team here at the zoo works hard every day to make this place a fun, family-friendly, engaging experience, and we don’t feel that open firearms are really conducive to that," said Dwight Lawson, executive director and CEO of the Oklahoma City Zoo. Spencer said if Oklahoma City Zoo officials don’t reverse their policy, he and the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association […]

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