Second Amendment doesn’t give unlimited right to bear arms

Second Amendment doesn't give unlimited right to bear arms

Bob Finger’s letter criticizing Jim Patchett‘s letter on the need for stricter gun laws in Maryland went beyond the pale. Writes Mr. Finger, “Assault rifles are legal in Maryland as are high capacity magazines.” Wrong on both counts. Maryland passed an assault weapons ban in 2013. The law was challenged in court by the NRA but was upheld by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in 2017. Magazines are limited to 10 rounds although larger rounds may be purchased outside of the state About that Second Amendment: It begins with a restrictive clause, “A well regulated Militia being necessary…” If this clause was not meant to limit the “right to bear arms,” then why was it written? Of course, the NRA has found a way to deal with this pesky phrase. They’ve eliminated it. OTTS LAUPUS Elkridge

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