Second Amendment Foundation: Don’t penalize law-abiding gun owners

Second Amendment Foundation: Don't penalize law-abiding gun owners

(Photo: Larry McCormack, The Tennessean, USA TODAY Network) In the wake of the horrible shooting in Nashville, gun prohibition advocates wasted no time calling for expansion of gun control laws, not to punish offenders but to penalize law-abiding firearms owners for a crime they didn’t commit. The suspect, Travis Reinking, had been legally barred from possessing firearms following his arrest near the White House by the Secret Service. The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office seized his Firearm Owner’s Identification card after the FBI told the Illinois State Police to revoke it. The card is needed to own guns in that state. The guns were released to the suspect’s father, who said he would keep them away from his son, according to a police report. If the elder Reinking did give the guns back to his son, he could be in trouble. But was anyone else involved in whatever happened between […]

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