Second Amendment group pitches sanctuary status for Noble County (copy)

On Monday, Scott Peters of the Noble County 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement made a presentation to the commissioners asking for the county to pass an ordinance to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. “While politicians in Indianapolis threaten our Second Amendment rights we want them to know our county will not have any part of future gun laws that further infringe on our rights,” Peters wrote in an introduction to his proposed resolution. Peters spoke to the commissioners, stating that he felt law-abiding citizens were under threat from new firearm regulations. He cited measures such as requiring expanded background checks, magazine size limits or monthly purchase limits as examples of new policies. “We are seeing this play out in Virginia,” Peters said. “This must not stand.” Peters said six counties in Indiana have already approved these types of resolutions, while there are hearings or action pending in 25 more. Bartholomew County — the home of Vice President Mike Pence’s hometown of Columbus — and Elkhart County were examples of counties that either did not take up the effort or denied it. Noble County Sheriff Max Weber and Steuben County Sherrif R.J. Robinson were both in attendance to listen to what’s being proposed. Weber said he has been working with the Noble County group a bit, while Robinson noted a Steuben County group has started but is running behind what Noble County has already put together. After the brief presentation, Weber said the proposal provided by Peters would need to […]

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