Second Amendment here to stay, but more regulation necessary

We take cars more seriously than we do guns. The fact I can buy an assault rifle at a gun show in Texas without a background check but cannot yet import the Nissan GTR sports car — renowned for its performance and cult following — due to “safety concerns” and regulations, should indicate something is seriously wrong with the way we treat guns in this country. Something needs to be done about firearm regulation, especially with the increase of mass shootings in the past decade. The problem is that it is a lot easier said than done, as it requires an extensive reevaluation and understanding of our country’s laws and culture. First, many people want to get rid of the Second Amendment, but is that realistic? People should be able to defend themselves, but “the right to bear arms” is an abstract statement — anything can theoretically be a weapon. The freedom to defend one’s self is not going anywhere. However, in terms of guns and ammunition, the Second Amendment is out of date and needs to be looked at for relevancy for this century. The definition of “arms” is much more diverse than it was in the 18th century. A distinction needs to be made between a gun for hunting or defense and a purpose-built weapon of war. That difference probably was difficult to identify until the 1940s, but now it is a little more obvious. The AR-15, what the National Rifle Association calls “America’s rifle,” is the […]

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