Second Amendment is written very clearly

Second Amendment is written very clearly In an April 24 opnion piece, “Reschke only represents the local gun owners,” Valerie Lenardson presented a litany of liberal anti-gun/anti-gun ownership propaganda. Steve Rapalyea’s May 3 reply “Earlier comentary on guns wrong” demolished major points of Lenardson’s pice. Floyd Hancock’s M ay 6 commentary “Semi-automatic guns have civilian users that are valid safe” cleared up many aspects of the firearms issue. Permit me a couple of comments on Lenardson’s political/psychological points: She writes “NRA and gun owners interpret the Second Amendment to support their views.” What part of “…the right of the prople to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” doesn’t she understand? Lenardson had earlier denied that there is a liberal campaign to abolish legal firearms ownership. But here she states that the Second Amendment should be repealed. She also claims that gun registration is no different than car registration. Gun registration is the means of informing the government which citizens own guns. Why repeal the Second Amendment and compile a list of gun owners unless your goal is to confiscate legally owned guns? Democrat Rep Eric Swalwell has already proposed legislation to do so. Lenardson says she is uncomfortable with the fact that citizens can carry guns; she can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys. Here’s the difference: good guys don’t do bad things with or without guns. Many of the good guys I know, lawyers, doctors, business people, Realtors, etc., routinely carry guns legally and […]

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