Second Amendment language adjusted during marathon session

The Arkansas State Legislature passed one final bill in the early morning hours of Wednesday, wrapping a final bow on over three months of work at the 93rd General Assembly. The bill both chambers passed, House Bill (HB) 1957, was only filed on Monday in response to Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s veto of Senate Bill (SB) 298. SB298, sponsored by State Sen. Gary Stubblefield, was known as the “Arkansas Sovereignty Act” and prohibited state and local law enforcement, as well as public officials, from cooperating with federal authorities “in the enforcement of any federal statute, executive order or federal agency directive that conflicts with [Article Two and Five of the] Arkansas Constitution,” per the bill’s language. The bill also specifically rejected “all acts, laws, orders, rules and regulations of the United States Government, whether past, present or future, that infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms.” Despite support from three-quarters of both chambers, the governor vetoed the measure when it came to his desk, writing to the legislature that SB298 would harm the state’s relationship with federal authorities. “The partnership between state and federal law enforcement officers is essential for the safety of Arkansas citizens,” the governor wrote in his notification of a veto to the State Legislature. “This bill will break that partnership and put the safety of Arkansans at risk.” The governor further explained his opposition and called to legislators’ attention the hundreds of active cases which would be jeopardized because local law enforcement would […]

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