Second Amendment listening session set for May 3

With more and more groups approaching the commissioners about Big Horn County becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary, a listening session has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, May 3 at the Weed and Pest building west of Greybull. Rep. John Winter, Sheriff Ken Blackburn and Deputy County Attorney Jennifer Kirk participated in the discussion on April 20 that led to the commissioners agreeing to schedule the listening session. “I feel very strongly in this political culture right now that we need to make a strong statement in support of the second amendment,” said Sheriff Ken Blackburn. “I’ve been asked a lot what I’m going to do as sheriff when the people come for our guns. I’ve said I’m going to give them my name and address first and see how it goes from there.” Kirk wrote a proposed proclamation for review. Blackburn commented that he thought it was good and would be a positive thing for the county to do. Commissioner Felix Carrizales remarked that he had attended the Big Horn County Republican precinct meeting recently, where becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary was discussed. The party had written it own resolution about becoming a sanctuary. Carrizales noted the conversation with the precinct people was very similar to the one at a recent meeting of county mayors. He shared with them some of the reasons why the county wanted to be careful going forward on this topic. After some discussion, the matter was tabled at that meeting. He told them […]

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