‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ order invalid, argues Oregon AG

'Second Amendment Sanctuary' order invalid, argues Oregon AG

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum says Columbia County’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance should be declared invalid. FILE – Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. Oregon’s attorney general and a group of Columbia County residents are getting involved in the ongoing legal proceedings over the county’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, through senior assistant attorney general Brian Simmonds Marshall, filed a document in the case, requesting that the ordinance be declared invalid. Rosenblum wrote that the county ordinance and the two ballot measures it was based on "conflict with and are incompatible with the state’s criminal laws … the duties of the Columbia County sheriff, the duties of the Columbia County district attorney, and the duties of other offers and departments of Columbia County." Four Columbia County residents also filed to appear as "interested parties" in opposition to the ordinance. The four residents are Brandee Dudzic, a 2020 candidate for the county board of commissioners; Shana Cavanaugh, the founder of the progressive group Moving Forward Columbia County; Robert Pile, a member of the gun control organization Moms Demand Action; and Joe Lewis, a former Scappoose School Board member who was one of nine people injured at the Kent State shooting in 1970, when Ohio National Guard members fatally shot four people protesting the Vietnam War. The four are represented by attorneys from the Oregon firm Stoll Berne, but are asking the court to allow two New York-based attorneys to join the case. The attorneys, Mark Weiner and Len […]

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