‘See something-say something’ helps police, mental health officials prevent gun violence

'See something-say something' helps police, mental health officials prevent gun violence

By Lacey Rzeszowki and Joseph d’Oronzio With each mass shooting, we are only a few degrees removed from the breathless child crouched in a silenced classroom or the frantic screams at an open-air concert. Our hearts pound when his social media threats are revealed; we stand dumbstruck when we learn that others "saw this coming" or when his cache of firearms is discovered. But while the firearm homicide rate in the United States is in fact declining, the firearm suicide rate is increasing. And due to gun violence, the United States is the most dangerous place for a woman in the developed world. Statistics like these remind us that the epidemic of gun violence must be challenged on multiple fronts. We must support legislative solutions that include effective mental health intervention and raising the age for gun purchase alongside other regulatory initiatives. New Jersey has been at the forefront of enacting laws to prevent gun violence. Gov. Phil Murphy, who placed gun violence prevention squarely as a cornerstone of his platform , is now poised to make good on campaign promises as seven bills make it to his desk later this month. These bills address issues ranging from closing the background checks loophole in private sales to limiting the capacity of long guns. We urge Murphy to support each of these bills. Two of these bills passed in the Assembly, A-1181/S-160 and A-1217/ S-2259 , are worthy of special attention both because they begin to address mental health issues […]

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