Sen. Dahm files bill to lower ‘constitutional carry’ age to 18

Sen. Dahm files bill to lower 'constitutional carry' age to 18

Gun, file (iStock / Getty Images Plus) TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Broken Arrow Senator Nathan Dahm has filed a bill to lower the age for "constitutional carry" to 18 years old. Dahm said Senate Bill 1093, which was intentionally filed on June 28 to honor Oklahoma’s Second Amendment Day, will "further expand the right of the people of Oklahoma to keep and bear arms." “The people have a Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms,” Dahm said in a news release. “Just as they have the right to vote starting at 18, they should not have to wait until turning 21 to exercise their right to self-defense.” He said, since the age for voting in Oklahoma is 18, so should be the age for constitutionally carrying a firearm openly or concealed. “The primary function and responsibility of government is to protect individual rights,” Dahm said. “This bill will allow people who currently can vote but currently can’t exercise their Second Amendment rights to have both rights protected for them.” Gov. Kevin Stitt signed Senate Bill 631 on Apr. 26, 2021 , making Oklahoma a Second Amendment sanctuary state. “Oklahoma has made great gains in advancing our Second Amendment protections,” Dahm said. “That is largely thanks to important local groups like OK2A as well as national groups like NAGR who were both instrumental in getting Constitutional Carry passed. I look forward to continuing to work with each of them and others including the NRA and GOA to advance our […]

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