Sen. Thom Tillis: Chipman wrong for ATF – here’s how you can help GOP senators stop Biden’s anti-gun nominee

Sen. Thom Tillis: Chipman wrong for ATF – here's how you can help GOP senators stop Biden's anti-gun nominee

Candidate Joe Biden campaigned on a message of unity and bipartisanship, but President Joe Biden has repeatedly shown his administration is every bit as left-wing as the rest of the Democratic Party. In April 2021, Biden sent a clear message to all law-abiding gun owners that their Second Amendment rights were at risk when he nominated David Chipman to be director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Of all the left-wing gun control activists Biden could have picked, none of them comes close to being as radical as Chipman. MICHAEL SULLIVAN: BIDEN’S ATF NOMINEE WOULD COMPROMISE AGENCY’S MISSION. HERE’S HOW My Democratic colleagues have argued that Chipman is well-qualified to run the ATF because he spent almost 25 years working at the agency. But their definition of well-qualified means that they have someone committed to a gun control agenda and who knows how to use the ATF bureaucracy to chip away at our Second Amendment rights. Chipman has been on the wrong side of every debate about the Second Amendment, and if confirmed, he would implement a radical gun control agenda the Democrats couldn’t otherwise pass. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTER For example, when advocating for background checks, Chipman implied that background checks could be used as a way to "arrest people before committing crimes." On top of that, Chipman has said under oath that the federal government should require the registration of all existing "assault weapons" and ban the future manufacture and […]

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