Senator Bostleman is a solid conservative

As a former Senator, I have been watching the District 23 race for legislature with much interest. I am writing to give Senator Bruce Bostelman of Brainard my full endorsement for re-election this fall. Senator Bostelman has been a solid conservative who has delivered on key priorities for our communities. First, he helped deliver substantial property tax relief totaling $650 million annually, a significant boost from previous relief efforts. Second, he has been a defender of the Second Amendment, introducing the only pro-gun bill signed into law in the last few years. And third, he has been a vocal pro-life Senator, supporting multiple pro-life bills. Senator Bostelman’s vote for the recent dismemberment abortion ban was critical to getting it across the finish line. The bill would not have made it through the last round of voting without his support. I urge the people of District 23 to join me in supporting Senator Bostelman’s re-election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Senator Loran Schmit, Bellwood

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