Sheriff appeals for 2A sanctuary Sheriff Tom Kleinhelter has expressed his support for Dubois County to be a 2A sanctuary county. “I support the Second Amendment. I support this resolution,” he told the Dubois County Commissioners Monday. “If my name was on there to sign it, I would be honored to sign that resolution, saying that as the sheriff, I support the Second Amendment.” Kleinhelter and residents Eric Jochim and Timothy Keusch talked to the commissioners about reconsidering their decision to not pass a resolution for the county to be a 2A sanctuary county. The commissioners last talked about the resolution at their April 5 meeting. At that meeting, Commissioner Nick Hostetter made a motion to approve the resolution; but no one seconded the motion, so it died. Commissioner Elmer Brames made a motion to postpone any further discussion on this resolution indefinitely, but that also died due to the lack of a second. Kleinhelter asked the commissioners on Monday to reconsider. He agreed that as a law enforcement official, he has taken an oath to uphold the law. But the resolution is not stating that the law won’t be upheld. “If you look at just what the resolution says, it just states that we believe in our Second Amendment.,” Kleinhelter said. “We’re sending a message to the state that says Dubois county believes in the Second Amendment. And it just reaffirms that.” Both Jochim, who asked the commissioners in March to consider the resolution, and Keusch feel that message needs to be […]

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