Sioux Falls City Councilors take aim at Mayor TenHaken’s ‘de facto ban’ on medical marijuana

Sioux Falls City Councilors take aim at Mayor TenHaken's 'de facto ban' on medical marijuana

The fate of the medical marijuana industry in Sioux Falls could be decided this week. City Councilors are scheduled to make their final considerations 6 p.m. Tuesday at Carnegie Town Hall on a proposal from Mayor Paul TenHaken to regulate cannabis commerce by limiting the number of dispensaries that can be in the city. The first-term mayor, who says he supported legalizing medical cannabis use, has taken criticism both publicly and behind the scenes since unveiling his vision for legal cannabis in Sioux Falls in August for what pro-business and pro-cannabis advocates have characterized as a “de facto ban” on medical marijuana, which earned more than 75% support among Sioux Falls voters at the polls last November. Initially, the dissatisfaction stemmed from not only the five-license cap in TenHaken’s measure, but also his desire to entirely prohibit testing and cultivation facilities. But after hearing from the public and some disgruntled city councilors, he’s since conceded to allow an unlimited number of testing facilities in the city based on the ordinance proposal up for consideration this week. Still, the TenHaken measure is anything but a slam dunk, with councilors expected to offer nearly a half dozen amendments during their Tuesday night meeting. Here’s a look at a few of the changes councilors are gunning for: The cost of doing marijuana business The mayor wants aspiring cannabis companies to pay an initial fee of $100,000 to apply for a license. And with just five licenses available, he’s proposing using a lottery […]

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