Sister Wives: Why Kody Brown’s Been Talking Gun Safety On Twitter

Sister Wives: Why Kody Brown's Been Talking Gun Safety On Twitter

Kody Brown hasn’t been quiet about his political takes on Twitter, and recently, the Sister Wives star has been sharing his thoughts on gun safety. In addition to being a vocal advocate for legalizing polygamy, Kody is also a fierce supporter of gun laws and frequently shares his thoughts on the controversial weapon. From Kody’s tweets to the Alec Baldwin tragedy that prompted a conversation around gun control, here’s everything about the Sister Wives star’s gun safety beliefs . Kody has an interesting history with politics as he’s used his platform on reality television to promote his constitutional ideology. Kody has demonstrated how legislatively-minded he is during his attempt to get the Supreme Court to hear his case about discrimination against polygamists. Although the case was dismissed in 2016, Kody has continued to voice his political opinion on and off of Sister Wives . In season 13, Kody announced that he planned to run for office in Utah, but nothing’s come of his bureaucratic ambitions. Despite not ever holding a government position, Kody has continued to share his political beliefs on Twitter. Notably, Kody dedicates a generous portion of his social media space to advocating for gun rights. Related: Sister Wives: How COVID-19 Affected the Brown Family Kody started sharing more tweets about gun safety following the devastating events that happened on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film, Rust . The movie star was at the center of a calamity after he fired a gun the crew believed to […]

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