Six Republicans in primary for 1st District seat in U.S. House

Seven Republicans are seeking their party’s nomination for the seat in the U.S. House currently held by U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-1st, who is not running for re-election. The sheer number of candidates in this race makes the Chesterton Tribune’s favored form of candidate coverage–the detailed questionnaire–impractical. Instead, the Tribune has compiled thumbnails of each candidate based on information provided on his campaign website. The Tribune was unable to find a campaign web presence for one of the candidates: William “Bill” F. Powers. Spencer T. Lemmons Police officer, Hammond, Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps. Positions include the following. Labor: “I will ensure that all Hoosiers will have the right to seek gainful employment if they desire. However, the free-rider problem cited by those against right-to-work are not solved by the mandates of the federal government.” Social Security: “The government should not be trusted with your hard-earned tax dollars. The only solution for all Americans, from millennials like myself to senior citizens, is to (1) either privatize the industry, or (2) give the money back to the taxpayers.” Energy: “The solution to addressing the rapidly expanding energy debacle rests in trusting the free market to offset government involvement in the matter. As we continue to expand on drilling for oil domestically, the nation should not ignore the potential in utilizing other available resources like natural gas.” Immigration: “It is our responsibility to set out a commonsense process for immigrants to take on a path to citizenship. We need to emphasize the […]

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