Slama backs Ricketts’ Second Amendment Sanctuary proclamation

Slama backs Ricketts' Second Amendment Sanctuary proclamation

Julie Slama (Lincoln) — Southeast Nebraska State Senator Julie Slama says she backs a proclamation naming Nebraska a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Last week, Govenor Pete Ricketts signed the proclamation that says the state will not enforce any federal policies that infringe Second Amendment rights. Slama says the proclamation was the right step to curb federal overreach when it comes to gun control. "I was thrilled to see that proclamation be signed," said Slama. "We’re seeing a movement across Nebraska. The majority of our counties have signed similar proclamations as well. That means local law enforcement will not cooperate with the Biden Administration’s policies that do not align with our country’s Second Amendment rights." Under Nebraska law, Ricketts’ proclamation would expire when he leaves office in 2022. Slama says that’s why it’s important for the Unicameral to make pro-Second Amendment policies permanent in state law. "We do have a bill in the legislature that would let counties have that local control of the concealed carry laws that they would enforce," said Slama. "In 2022, I fully expect similar pro-Second Amendment measures to be introduced in the Nebraska Legislature, including making that sanctuary state language permanent." Slama is also sponsoring LB300, which would expand the definition of Castle Doctrine in the state. Slama says the bill would not require Nebraskans to retreat when confronted in their own vehicle. "Right now we’re seeing — especially in carjackings and sexual assaults that take place in cars — the inability of gun owners to […]

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