‘Socialism’ and guns are ways to distract voters from McConnell’s record

Barb Ellerbrook (National Federation of Republican Women) was given an entire column (“Kentuckians are not sorry for McConnell’s leadership ,” to defend Mitch McConnell, but despite 36 years of a legislative track record, all she’s left with is scare tactics about Democrats, like “socialism” and “doing away with the 2nd Amendment.” I guess she’s been informing herself about the Democratic platform by watching Mitch McConnell’s attack ads. In her long, poorly informed column she asserts that most Kentuckians are not “accepting of Obamacare” while failing to mention that rolling back the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) which Mitch McConnell is desperate to do, will throw millions off their health insurance. In Kentucky, implementation of the ACA cut the uninsured rate by more than half (14% to 6%). Thirty-four percent of all Kentuckians under 65 have a pre-existing condition which could force them to lose their health care if Mitch had won his vote to repeal the ACA, or if the Trump administration wins in the Supreme Court on Nov. 10. That’s right, as Mitch ignores his own talking points from four years ago and forces a vote on a nominee to the Supreme Court while an election is underway, that same Court will be hearing a case to throw out the ACA the week after the election. The nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, has publicly written about how the ACA is unconstitutional, so not a lot of tea leaves are required to figure out how she’ll come down on the […]

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