Some Missouri police cut ties with ATF due to new gun law

KANSAS CITY — A new Missouri law banning police from enforcing federal gun rules has some law enforcement agencies pulling officers off federal taskforces and others trying to figure out what is allowed. Emails obtained by The Kansas City Star show that federal prosecutors in the eastern part of the state have asked at least a dozen police departments whether they will stop participating in federal gun crime investigations. The FBI has also queried a southwest Missouri police department and is assessing the responses of local police statewide. At least two departments have pulled officers from assignments with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, spokesmen confirmed. And the Missouri State Highway Patrol has suspended its participation in an ATF task force, to which one trooper was assigned full-time and three part-time, Lt. Eric Brown said. “With the passage of HB 85, Patrol members can continue to serve on federal task forces except where the task force’s primary focus is on weapons violations,” Brown said. The new law declares many federal gun regulations invalid in Missouri , including those covering weapons registration, tracking, and possession of firearms by some domestic violence offenders. Local departments are barred from enforcing them, or risk being sued for $50,000. They also are prohibited from assisting federal agents in enforcing laws declared invalid, and from hiring former federal agents who had enforced them. The law’s passage was a victory for gun rights activists who have pushed it for nearly a decade in the […]

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