State appeals court sides with NRA, strikes down Edmonds gun storage law

File photo OLYMPIA, Wash. – The state Court of Appeals has sided with a group of gun owners and the National Rifle Association in a lawsuit over gun storage requirements in the city of Edmonds. A pair of Edmonds city ordinances had required guns to be locked up at all times inside a home and made gun owners liable if children or someone who’s not supposed to handle guns accessed their firearms. But the plaintiffs, backed by the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation, argued in their lawsuit that state law prevents local jurisdictions from making regulations that are more restrictive than state law. The court agreed and struck down the city of Edmonds’ ordinances. NRA spokesperson Lars Dalseide called the ruling "an important victory for the people of Washington." "Hopefully jurisdictions like Edmonds will realize that violating the Washington state constitution is neither legal nor in the best interest of personal protection." It wasn’t immediately clear how the court’s ruling will affect a similar ordinance in the city of Seattle. Last October, the state Court of Appeals ruled that an NRA lawsuit over the Seattle ordinance could proceed, and remanded it back to the trial court to determine if the ordinances were preempted.

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