State House candidates discuss cap and trade, Second Amendment sanctuary in Seaside

State House candidates Debbie Boothe-Schmidt and Suzanne Weber discussed issues such as cap and trade, a Second Amendment sanctuary and negative advertising at an election forum in Seaside last Thursday night. After sidestepping the topic during a forum in Astoria on Tuesday, the candidates were asked directly about cap and trade, an issue that has caused division in Salem and on the North Coast and prompted two Republican walkouts. Boothe-Schmidt expressed support for protecting living-wage jobs and the state’s natural resources, adding, “We also have to work together to take care of our climate, or those natural resources will be gone for our grandchildren, and those living-wage jobs that depend on them will disappear.” If the bill resurfaces at the Legislature, the Democrat said, “I will be reaching out to all of our stakeholders, sitting down with them and working to come up with a compromise — something that works for everyone.” Referencing her experience bargaining contracts as a public-sector union leader, Boothe-Schmidt said she believes people with different perspectives can reach a compromise, “as long as no one gets up and walks out, like the Republicans did.” Weber, a Republican who has opposed cap and trade, described the policy as a “massive bill” that was repeatedly amended: “It was hard to understand, it was going to be hard to deliver to the people.” To Weber, climate change is a worldwide issue that “needs to be addressed on a world scale.” “What we can do in this area, where […]

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