State Legislature Pushes Through More Gun Laws

Already boasting some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, the New York State Legislature passed a series of bills that made gun laws even tougher, but left a sharp divide among political parties. With a Democratic majority in the state senate and assembly leading the way, new gun control legislation passed easily last week as Albany continues to move forward with a progressive agenda promised by Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his State of State address last month. The legislation included the “red flag” bill that allows law enforcement, school staff and family members to request a judge stop a person they believe is a threat to themselves or others from temporarily owning or buying a gun until a hearing is held. Other measures banned teachers from carrying a firearm on school grounds, extended the waiting period for someone to purchase a gun if they don’t pass an instant background check and banned bump stocks being sold or manufactured, which can increase the rate of fire in a semi-automatic weapon. “We take a big step forward today,” Cuomo said during a gun safety forum last week. “No one wants to take guns from legal gun owners who are mentally healthy. We don’t want people who are mentally ill or are past felons to have gun. That’s all this is.” This is the second time during Cuomo’s tenure in office that sweeping reforms aimed at gun control have been passed. The first time was in 2013–the SAFE Act–in the […]

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