State Senate District 23 candidates pen letter to voters

WAHOO – Incumbent Sen. Bruce Bostelman and challenger Helen Raikes are running in the general election for Nebraska State Senate District 23 on Nov. 3. To help voters properly prepare, the Wahoo Newspaper invited Bostelman and Raikes to write letters to the voters rather than participate in a question/answer interview. The candidates’ answers are printed below, in alphabetical order. This year has been a whirlwind for all of us here in the 23rd District. As we continue to deal with the overall effects of the coronavirus and work towards a full recovery from last year’s flooding, I would be honored to earn your support for a second term. Over the past four years we’ve achieved so much together, and I want to briefly share a few highlights from that work. Property Tax Relief: Since day one, I’ve been fighting for property tax relief for you. This year, LB 1107 delivered $650 million in property tax relief. This bill provides the property tax relief Nebraska’s families, agriculture producers, small businesses and homeowners desperately need. The bill also includes a provision that grows this property tax relief so that it continues to provide meaningful relief over time. Thanks in part for great collaboration on property tax relief, I have earned the support of the Nebraska Cattlemen and Nebraska Farm Bureau. Pro-Life: I believe that life begins at conception, and over the last four years, I’ve voted for every pro-life bill in the Legislature. This year, I supported LB 814, which banned […]

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