State’s Attorney’s Race: Thiru Vignarajah on Freddie Gray and Gun Trace Task Force

BAYNARD WOODS: The race to be Baltimore city’s top prosecutor is one of the most important elections this political season. In order to help voters decide between Marilyn Mosby, the incumbent, and her challengers Ivan Bates and Thiru Vignarajah, the Real News sat down with all three to discuss their policies, criminal justice reform, and the politics of the race. Today we sit down again with Thiru Vignarajah, who has worked as a prosecutor at the state and federal levels and served as the deputy attorney general for the state of Maryland. Welcome, Thiru. THIRU VIGNARAJAH: Thank you so much for having me. BAYNARD WOODS: So I started when I was talking to your opponents, to the State’s Attorney and to Ivan Bates, asking about the Freddie Gray case because they are both on opposite sides of that. She was prosecuting the officers that were involved in his death […]

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