Stefanik is lauded for protecting gun rights

I am writing to publicly thank U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik for co-sponsoring the Second Amendment Guarantee Act. Since 1791, our Second Amendment right to bear arms has been a fundamental right that allows private citizens to possess firearms. If passed, the Second Amendment Guarantee Act would forbid states from passing any law on the ownership of rifles and shotguns that is more restrictive than what the federal government requires. The retroactive nature of this bill would revert many of the extreme provisions of the New York State SAFE ACT. The right to bear arms is particularly essential in the north country. The rural nature of our area requires a certain level of self-reliance on our part. Firearms protect us and our familiers; the presence of several correctional facilities make the right essential. Firearms are an important tool as well. Many in our area are sportsmen and hunting enthusiasts. The ability to use a firearm to put food on the table is a gratifying feeling and a prime source of food for many. Once again, thank you to Rep. Stefanik for co-sponsoring the Second Amendment Guarantee Act. Phil Wallace Plattsburgh

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