Steve Koch: Anyone can own a gun, but why AR-15?

To the editor: This is in response to John Allison’s May 18 letter. First off, I asked a few questions to Royce Alley but you are answering only one question I asked.  I do believe in the Second Amendment, but I do not think that anyone, including myself, should be able to purchase any type of assault weapon. Everyone has the right to own a gun, but owning or purchasing an assault weapon is wrong.Any one of them could and can fall into the wrong hands, and that person could cause some serious harm to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. I’m not dictating on anyone’s best interest. To me, Allison, you are saying that a regular gun wouldn’t stop a robber that broke into your home and you need an AR-15 to stop a robber? I do rely on the police, Allison, they are here to serve and protect us.  One more thing Allison, you asked if speech is free. Well, it is free, we have that right as well!

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