Steve Scalise: getting shot made my gun rights support ‘as ardent as ever’

Steve Scalise feared he would never return to his job as House majority whip, after he was shot and gravely wounded at baseball practice nearly a year ago. On Tuesday, the five-term Republican from Louisiana returned to the Capitol. He was welcomed with a standing ovation – from both parties. “It was one of the very few moments in my life, from the birth of my kids and marriage … that [I] will always remember,” Scalise said. “There were days where I [wasn’t] sure I was going to be able to do that – to be able to walk back on to the House floor on my own, with my crutches.” Middle schoolers given bulletproof shields for starting high school Read more In an interview with journalists from Politico, Scalise reflected on the shooting and his views on the second amendment. “Those were some dark days,” he said. “You could take a bear down with the bullet I was hit with. When I looked at the caliber bullet, I was amazed I was still alive. Frankly, there are a lot of miracles that happened along the way.” Scalise said the experience reinforced his support for gun rights. “I was a strong supporter of the second amendment before the shooting,” he said, “and frankly, as ardent as ever after the shooting in part because I was saved by people who had guns. “They saved my life. But they also saved the lives of every other member. There were over a […]

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