‘Support people regardless of who they love.’ NKY Republican lawmaker pushes for LGBTQ rights

'Support people regardless of who they love.' NKY Republican lawmaker pushes for LGBTQ rights

At first glance, Rep. Kim Banta may seem like a standard Republican lawmaker. Pro-gun. Anti-abortion. Fiscally conservative. Except for one issue. She is the primary sponsor of two LGBTQ-related bills pre-filed for the upcoming legislative session in Kentucky. Banta, of Fort Mitchell, is the only Republican sponsor of the bills, which will be discussed during the legislative session that will begin in January. The bills seek to repeal an old and unenforced law that criminalizes sodomy between men and ban conversion therapy from licensed mental health professionals. Banta was also listed as a sponsor on a third bill that seeks to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Banta is no longer a sponsor. She said that wasn’t due to pressure, but cited discord among Democrats over two almost identical variations of the bill. For supporting those bills, a local Republican party said she was helping to destroy “traditional marriage and the family” and usher in a “Socalist/Communist support structure.” “We encourage any Republicans supporting this effort to realign with their party,” the Boone County Republican Party said in a statement. Banta was elected in 2019 with 63% of the vote. She represents the 63rd House District, which includes parts of Boone and Kenton Counties. In 2020, she was endorsed by the National Rifle Association and Kentucky Right to Life, among others. How did she get here? Banta, 57, spent her career in education. She served as a teacher at Simon Kenton High School, assistant principal and […]

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