Supreme Court pick works Capitol Hill; Dems warn of rightward tilt

Kavanaugh still lives in the D.C. area, raising his kids in the Maryland suburbs just miles from the White House. Kozinski abruptly retired in December past year after multiple women, including former clerks and a retired federal judge, accused him of abuse, including showing them pornography in his chambers, forcibly kissing them and inviting them to have sex. Kavanaugh even name dropped Justice Elena Kagan in his remarks. "Congress might consider a law exempting a President-while in office-from criminal prosecution and investigation, including from questioning by criminal prosecutors or defense counsel", he wrote . Schumer is claiming Trump chose Kavanaugh because he is an advocate for strong executive powers and will protect Trump from Robert Mueller. "Let’s put it this way: There were some who have been on the list that I would have had a very, very hard time supporting, just based on what was already publicly known about them", Murkowski told Politico. Writing for the Washington Post "Fact-Checker," Salvador Rizzo agrees: " Kavanaugh’s position in this article is different from saying the president can’t be indicted under existing law". " President Trump vowed he’d never let the NRA down, and with the Kavanaugh pick, he chose someone whose judicial record demonstrates a unsafe view of the Second Amendment that elevates gun rights above public safety". But now that Congress effectively repealed the mandate by eliminating the financial penalty for violating it, the lawsuit’s argument against the mandate is an attempt to invalidate the entire law. While politicians […]

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